Rules & Regulations

  1. REGISTRATION - All participants and boats must be registered with the Tournament Committee and entry fee paid to qualify for prizes and trophies. The tournament reserves the right in its sole discretion to deny entry to anyone for any reason. Any registration submitted after Wednesday, October 21 will be subject to an ADDITIONAL FEE of $20.00. Please pre-register!
    No entries after 8:00 am October 24, 2020.

  2. RULES MEETING - A virtual captain’s meeting will be held Friday, October 23 at 8:00 pm on Facebook under the Carteret Cancer Crew Fishing Tournament.

           Category 1 - 8:00-1:00 pm (Weigh-In from 12 pm - 3 pm)
           Category 2 - 8:00-2:00 pm (Weigh-In from 12 pm - 3 pm)
           Category 3 - 8:00-2:00 pm (Weigh-In from 1 pm - 5 pm)
           Category 4 - 8:00-2:30 pm (Weigh-In from 3 pm - 6 pm)
           Category 5 - 8:00-2:30 pm 

           Max Leader 30’.
           Category 4 and 5 - MANDATORY HOOK REQUIREMENTS - Non-offset circle hooks are mandatory when
           deploying natural bait or natural bait/artificial lures. “J” hooks are allowed on artificial lures only.
           Rods may be passed from one angler to another angler.
           The angler that gets fish to the transom is credited for the catch.
           Kids and Inshore Categories may use live bait in addition to lures.

  5. NO BOUNDARIES - Fish where you wish, but fish will not be accepted after 6:00 pm Saturday, October 24.

  6. FEDERAL AND STATE REGULATIONS - All participants must comply with North Carolina and Federal Fisheries laws and regulations regarding fishing licenses, vessel permits, fishing gear, season size and bag limits. Participants must follow all Carteret Cancer Crew Fishing Tournament rules. 
    Carteret Cancer Crew is a Highly Migratory Species (HMS) Registered Tournament, any boats participating in categories 4 or 5 are required to have a valid HMS permit (angling, general category, or charter boat/head boat). As a registered HMS tournament, non-offset circle hooks are mandatory when deploying natural bait or natural bait/artificial lures. "J" hooks are allowed on artificial lures only. 
    If you need to purchase a permit, please visit

  7. WEIGH STATION - Jack’s Waterfront Bar, 513 Evans Street, Morehead City
           Only one gamefish per species, per boat may be weighed in.
           Scales Open 12:00 pm Saturday, October 24.
           Scales Close 6:00 pm Saturday, October 24.
           Fish will not be accepted after 6:00 pm Saturday, October 24.
           TOURNAMENT CHANNEL is 72
           Please call the chase boat(TBA) to meet in front of Jack’s if assistance is needed with your fish.
          *Tuna Species - Yellowfin, Big Eye and Blackfin Tuna qualify for weigh in.
          *Skip Jack and Bonita do not qualify.

    To qualify for release points, participants must provide a dated and time stamped photo, go pro, or video of each billfish. Photographic proof must be submitted to the tournament committee by 6 pm on Saturday, October 24.
           BLUE MARLIN - 200 points
           WHITE/HATCHET MARLIN - 100 points
           SAILFISH/SPEARFISH - 100 points

  9. DISQUALIFICATION - A participant/boat will be disqualified from the tournament if a participant, boat, captain and/or crew member violate any tournament rules. All decisions by Rules Committee are final and are not subject to further challenge by participants.

  10. ALTERATIONS - Attempted weight alteration of any fish will be subject to disqualification and automatically disqualify the participant and boat from the tournament. IGFA rules apply regarding mutilated fish. The Rules Committee has the ultimate discretion in applying the IGFA standard to any weighed fish. The Rules Committee reserves the right to cut open any fish for inspection of suspected weight altering efforts such as inserted weights, ice, water, etc. Any fish determined by the Rules Committee to be mutilated or have additional weight, in any form, will be disqualified.

  11. TIES - In the event of a tie, in Category 1-4, the first fish weighed in, wins.
    Category 5-In the event of a tie in total release points, the tie breaker will the boat that achieves the winning total first.

  12. PRIZE PAYOUT SCHEDULE - Prize money checks will be made payable to the person indicated on the registration form. Social Security number or Taxpayer I.D. number of the recipient must be provided on the entry form for Category 4 and 5. All checks will be distributed 10 days after the tournament.

  13. WITHDRAWAL FROM TOURNAMENT - No fees will be refunded.

  14. REFUNDS - In the event no qualifying fish are caught, the prize money will be donated to charity and all entry fees will be retained by the Tournament.

  15. PROTEST - Any protest by any participant must be submitted in writing to the Tournament Rules Committee. No protests are allowed against the tournament. Any protest must be received by 9:00 a.m. on the Sunday, October 25. Any member of the Rules Committee or the Weigh Master, retains the right to hold and keep any fish deemed questionable by him with respect to being qualified for any prize or cash award. If retention of the fish is refused, the fish is automatically disqualified.

  16. RULE CHANGES - Just like the weather, rules are subject to change, without notice.


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